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My latest work

Most of the weddings I shoot are featured on the blog of my website, but here are the latest slideshows. As I photograph so many weddings each year this is the best place to see my latest work. I think these little clips are a great way to show the story and also gain an insight in to how I photograph a wedding. Something you can only really see when you see a full set of images images from the same day. Whist the couples all received more images than this these slideshows contain about a quarter of the images given. Hopefully you’ll see a consistency and, no matter where the wedding was, or who the guests were or what the light is like, I’m able to use my experience to tell the most beautiful story of the day.

These are short (around 3 minutes) slideshows which show the highlights from each wedding. They are little teasers, a way of seeing what he day was like. So turn the sound up and choose a wedding. You can check out the back catalog of weddings on my blog.

My aim is to create beautiful, natural images that take you back to your wedding day and remind you of how you felt.

To build a visual story if you like.

Whilst I capture all of the big moments, I also seek out the small moments. The vows. The speeches. The dance. They all have their place. But so many great moments happen in between everything that is planned. The moments you experienced, the moments you were in the middle of, and moments you never even saw.

I start when you want me to and finish well after the first dance. I work around your plans and let you enjoy your day.

I won’t ask you to say cheese and I won’t ask you to do ‘that shot of the ushers lifting up the bride.’ Just relaxed, fun photos that capture the atmosphere of the day.

I work behind the scenes, so that when you look back on your wedding day, you won’t remember me as some guy you hired to take photos. But as the friend who quietly celebrated your wedding by capturing photos throughout the day.

You’ll share them with your friends, family or children and you’ll be reminded of what that day was.

You can find out a little more about me here, get in touch for availability and pricing here.

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