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Zoe & Callum | Elmore Court | Wedding

best Elmore court wedding photos

Elmore Court Wedding Photography

2018 saw me photograph my first Elmore Court wedding! I had been impatiently waiting for Zoe and Callum’s wedding for a LONG time! I’d long wanted to visit Elmore Court as I’d heard and seen such good things. There is so much to like about Elmore Court. The charm of the old house and grounds, but also the ‘new’ modern building for dinning, drinking and dancing is a wedding photographer’s dream! Beautiful light and bags of character make it a favourite on my list of top wedding venues.

My top three things about Zoe and Callum’s wedding are…. their sense of style! As you’ll see from these wedding photos a black Morris Minor escorted Zoe from the back of the house to the front. The car is a family heirloom and it almost didn’t make it to the wedding (I think I’m right in saying.) Their wedding outfits, styling details and decor was right on point.

In case you’re interested Zoe’s dress was made by Sassi Holford from Ellie Sanderson. I got to listen to the Indie Killers for the third time this year – their music never gets old!

My second favourite thing about their wedding was the evening party. They had both a ceilidh and a band so we weren’t short of party photos!

Lastly, my final favourite thing about the day was the speeches where a few bombs were dropped! And with the help of a few visual aids my camera was shaking so much from laughter that I had to have a quiet word with myself!

Anyone – enough talk and on with this beautiful Elmore Court wedding.


Elmore Court Wedding Photography Elmore Court Wedding Photographer Elmore Court Wedding

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  1. Absolutely stunning as always albert. Really enjoyed this set and has inspired me for my next wedding with the first outing of my new A7iii 😉

  2. Tack sharp, crisp + vibrant, and elegantly presented! A really good job on this collection Albert. That dance looks like it went off – and you got right in there 🙂 Love it

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