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Wedding albums, books and parent albums.

I love books and so here is a little selection of the cool wedding albums I offer.  When I photograph a wedding I shoot specifically for the album because I think it’s really the best way to enjoy photographs and a perfect way to display the narrative of the day. I searched far and wide to find something that suited my style of photography and offer Fine Art Albums with a choice of PhotoLeather and Cotton covers.

wedding albums-012
wedding albums-012
wedding albums-007
wedding albums-016
wedding albums-013
wedding albums-015
wedding albums-018
wedding albums-020
wedding albums-001
alternative wedding album
wedding albums-003
wedding albums-017
wedding albums-004
wedding albums-005
wedding albums-006
wedding albums-008
wedding albums-019
wedding albums-009
wedding albums-010
pink wedding album blush
wedding albums-012wedding albums-007wedding-albums-003wedding albums-016wedding albums-013wedding-albums-004wedding albums-015wedding-albums-001wedding albums-018wedding albums-020wedding albums-001wedding-albums-005alternative wedding albumwedding albums-003wedding albums-017wedding albums-004wedding-albums-002wedding albums-005wedding albums-006wedding albums-008wedding albums-019wedding albums-009wedding albums-010pink wedding album blushwedding-albums-006

I’ve taken a few photos to give you an idea of what they are like. However, the photos only do so much and they are best seen in person. If you’d like to have a look at one of my cool wedding albums then I’d love to show one off. That’s what they are made for. Actually touching, holding and feeling the weight of these is a great experience and I can’t think of a better way of showing your friends and family your wedding photos. Seriously. The paper is of archival quality and beautifully thick.

The photos are printed right on to the page and they look like more of a book than a traditional big old heavy album. As a guy, I don’t often use the word ‘cute’ – but it’s the perfect word. I really think you’ll love these. All albums use Fine Art Paper and come in a square format. The main difference is the beautiful choice of covers.

wedding albums-003view the gallery

Photo Covers

Fine Art Albums made in the USA! Images are printed directly on to Fine Art paper which allows for really creative designs. An image can used as full cover wrap.

wedding albums-001view the gallery

Leather Covers

Fine Art album with beautiful leather covers. These albums are British, eco friendly and handmade from start to finish. There is a great choice of modern and traditional colours.

wedding albums-002view the gallery

Cotton Covers

Fine Art Albums with a cotton canvas cover. As with the leather albums these are made in the UK and will last a lifetime. I highly recommend the green, light blue and magnolia covers.

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