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The Wedding Portfolio

Authentic moments and natural portraits.

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photo of bride in wedding car
wedding breakfast Italy
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The how and why.

It can be hard to describe in words exactly what I do in my work as a Bristol wedding photographer – but luckily, I can show you. Here you’ll see some of my work featuring the brilliant couples I’ve had the joy of working with so far.

Hopefully, you can feel the emotion of the day radiating from the frame; the joy, the fun, the sheer, overwhelming love emanating from every shot. And just think: if that’s what you get from strangers’ galleries, imagine what you’d get from your own!

I simultaneously get in the middle of the action whilst blending into the background, so that I can capture moments both big and small. It’s a combination of the two that make the day what it is, so whether it’s the rousing speeches or the instinctive hand squeezes, I’m there to immortalise it all.

And it’s this immersion which allows me to fully capture every wedding’s individuality.

When you book me as your wedding photographer, it’s not just my job to take photos of a wedding, but to take photos of your wedding!

Every wedding, just like every couple, is totally unique, so I never domineer or dictate anything on the day; instead, I follow the rhythm of how things are naturally unfolding, and capture what happens as it happens. (The only time I’ll choreograph is group shots, if you want them, and this is only to get them over and done with as quickly as possible to give you more time for drinking and dancing. You can see some group shots in the slideshow below, to show you how they can still be great fun, too!)

Want to have your very own spot on this page? I’d be honoured.

You can find out a little more about me here, get in touch for availability and pricing here. For daily new photos follow me on Instagram.

Brympton House bride
glamorous couple photo

“We will treasure them forever!”



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