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Destination wedding photographer

Whilst most weddings I go to are UK based but I love working as a destination wedding photographer. I’ve travelled to so many amazing places and some stunning wedding venues.

MexicoLebanonPortugal, ArezzoUmbria, Paris, OccitanieIcelandNorway, Santorini, Florence, Tuscany and Lake Como. Having lived for two years in France I speak (relatively) good French and obviously hold a valid passport!

Travelling with a camera in my hand is really inspiring. New places, foods, architecture and climate are something that all make up the story of the day and it’s the details of a wedding I love to capture as well as all the emotion.

Being a destination wedding photographer is something I love so much that I don’t charge extra for travel and never limit the hours I am there.

I often arrive a day or two beforehand so feel free to make extra use of me. Whether there is a rehearsal dinner the night before, or a day after shoot in a scenic landscape I’ll be there!

Destination weddings are full of fun and incredibly memorable for everyone there.

I like to think of myself as a friend with a camera who has come along for the ride, rather than a photographer who wants to rush off to photograph the next thing on the list. Believe me when I say that I enjoy the day as much as anyone else!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website. If you connect with my work and are looking for a destination wedding photographer then I’d love to hear from you. You can also read a little more about my approach to destination weddings and how I work on the day.

Destination Wedding Photographer Logistics

Chances are you have a few questions about how a destination wedding works. First things first, there is travel to think about. I often book my own flights to arrive several days before the wedding. That gives me quite a bit of contingency time and means I can have a look around the venue in advance. If we haven’t met it’s also a great time to put a face to a name.

There’s also the chance that if you’re having a party the night before I can attend and capture some fun moments for you then too. Everyone can meet me and get to know me a little ahead of the big day. I often feel like ‘another friend’ and get access to areas behind the scenes. Feel free to make the most of me! Sometimes there’s the option to do a day after shoot – here’s one from Mexico in the sea. You can find more amazing tips in this article about destination wedding photography.

Why you wouldn’t hire a local photographer

Generally, people chose as a destination wedding photographer because of my style. There are plenty of amazing local photographers in every location. But, the disadvantage is that if they are often recommended by the venue. Whilst there are advantages of this they often take photos that can be quite generic. The same poses in the same places. Whereas I aim to get to know you beforehand which helps me capture images that are important to you, and document your day as it unfolds. Often a local photographer will be there for a set amount of hours, whereas I will be there to capture the whole party – right up to the point everyone jumps in the swimming pool at 2am!

In 2018 I’ll be travelling to three fabulous French weddings and three stunning destination weddings in Italy. I’ll be heading off to Iceland for the second year in a row (yay!) to photograph a pre wedding shoot. If you are planning a destination wedding and like my work please do get in touch as soon as possible. Dates get booked up quite far in advance and I sadly have to turn many away because I’m simply not available.

Often, as I fly out before the wedding I’m able to attend a pre wedding party the night before the wedding. The advantages of this are that your guests can see me before the day and put a face to a name. I can also meet them and spot all of the important people ahead of time. I also take a few photos of the party which is often a fun and informal get together and a nice memory.

Sunny & Steve Testimonial

“Albert combined professionalism with shots that felt entirely natural. Albert blended seamlessly into the day, capturing the best moments of our day (without even being noticed). One of things that impressed us the most was how much ’intel’ Albert had gathered before the day, having identified some incredible spaces that we did not know about for our photos. The results are just impressive and are the memories we will have forever.”

Sunny & Steve | Berwick Lodge, Bristol
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