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Donna & Chris | Engagement | Sherborne, Dorset

On Sunday I had a nice drive down to Sherborne in Dorset to photograph Donna and Chris before their wedding in Sherborne Abbey.

It was a great opportunity to get to know them both a bit better and also see the wedding venue for myself. I honestly can’t wait to photograph their wedding in a few weeks time. Sherborne Abbey is so beautiful and the whole town centre has great character.

We decided to go for an engagement shoot out in the beautiful Dorset countryside and make the most of the surroundings.Sherborne Engagement Shoot

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  1. such unique perspectives! love the way your processing draws out certain colors… the mood is both romantic and joyous. beautiful images.

  2. I love this session!! The corn field shots are amazing, you really got some great angles. I love her smile in the third row down, she’s gorgeous!

    I really like the shot from the ground of the cut field… I may use that as inspiration for a shoot coming up…

  3. Sweet shoot, I like the flow of the pictures too – it’s almost like you shot them over a season with the corn growing, the cloud then sun and finally the corn cut at the end. 🙂

  4. I am Donna’s mum so of course I’m biased, but what stunning photographs, can’t wait for the wedding ones.

  5. Another great set of images here Al! Agree with the first comment, something seems to have clicked and you’re pulling away from the crowd now. Very very nice. Maximum respect 🙂

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