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Graz & Samuel | Iceland | Pre Wedding Shoot

Winter Iceland Pre Wedding Shoot

My first winter Iceland pre wedding shoot and I couldn’t have asked for better conditions. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Iceland twice before but both in ‘moderate’ conditions. That means – pretty cold, but I could get by with a jumper and jacket.

This pre wedding shoot was in February and I had at least 4 layers on. It was crazy cold, with some strong winds. But Samuel and Graz were absolute heroes! I’m not quite sure how they did but thank you SO much! Fortunately they managed to escape the shoot without contracting a cold – they must have pretty strong immune systems!

If you’d like to see other pre wedding photos in Iceland during warmer times to compare then check out Regine and Chris’s shoot. By comparison these photos are a LOT sunnier – you can see the difference that the sun makes. Also, as it was winter you can see the different backgrounds too.

The big highlight of the trip for me was to take pre wedding photos at the Blue Lagoon. The blue lagoon has been on my location bucket list ever since I first visited it in 2014. I first saw it in 2014 when I photographed an Icelandic elopement. Ever since I had planned to return as I knew it would make for a stunning winter Iceland pre wedding shoot backdrop.

Pre Wedding Shoot Locations

As well as the Blue Lagoon we visited a few other famous locations including the Black Beaches, Skogafoss waterfall and also Diamond Beach. We also stumbled on to a beautiful Icelandic church – the location I will a secret for now! And a couple of quick aurora pre wedding shoot photos at Graz and Samuel’s hotel (Black Beach suites.) As well as these locations we stopped off in random locations whilst travelling from one spot to another.

One thing I was a little worried about was the amount of sunlight. Because the pre wedding shoot was in winter there were fewer hours of light in the day. Taking photos without light is a little tricky! So whilst I prepared and bought plenty of strobes I did wonder how much sunlight we would get. We got very lucky and things turned out perfectly. We got a good 7 hours of sunlight a day and it kept at a low ‘sunset’ level all day long. Sunset – or ‘the golden’ hour is one of the best times to take photos so we got really lucky.

And that’s it! A MASSIVE thank you again to Graz and Samuel. You were super stars to work with and without you I couldn’t have created these pre wedding amazing images.

Winter Iceland Pre Wedding Shoot

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  1. Yay! I look forward to your post so much! I’m not very sure if my immune system is strong or not, but it’s kind of hypnosis for me, haha!
    It’s my first time to wear gowns and dress sexily (not even in summer lol!) during cold winter!??
    Thanks so much for the SUPERB photos! They all look amazing!

  2. Breathtaking stuff! That must have been a lot of fun. I’d love to get an Aurora shot in my portfolio but don’t think i’ll get one doing pre-wedding shoots around Birmingham.

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