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Elles & Nick | Chipping Sodbury | Wedding


Chipping Sodbury Wedding

Okay, this abridged blog post is the equivalent of a adrenaline shot of emotion. In favour of showing the juiciest photos from this wedding in Chipping Sodbury. I’m cutting straight to the good stuff. Elle’s and Nick’s wedding was full of glorious moments of fun, happiness and also a big helping of mischief. Those that were there will know what I’m referring to!

You may remember their countryside engagement shoot and I love photographing weddings in Chipping Sodbury too. Not least because they are quite close to my home. But also because the countryside has the most incredible landscapes. We were also blessed with relatively good weather (when it really mattered!) and some of the best music I’ve heard at a wedding.

Shout outs include Ashwicks Catering for their culinary skills, good friends Ido Wedding Films and Brookman Greene who did the wedding Planning. Both Terri Arnold and Evie Smith did an amazing job beautifying everyone in the morning.

Good friend Lizzy May for her beautiful invites and styling and Panama Jazz Club for the music during the day. Martin White who made the wedding Rings and Stuart Parvin for the Luck Be A Lady wedding dress. Their evening shoes are from Converse (obviously)

Last but not least… Williams Automobiles. For supplying the coolest wedding cars. Phew, I think that’s everyone!

Right – time to start work on the album!

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  1. Wow, such a fun, sweet wedding. I love the lights in the reception tent and how they give the whole night a special look!

  2. This is a beautiful wedding… I love the sweetness and the humor (the umbrella blowing inside-out is a pretty great shot!). Great photos 🙂

  3. Love, love, love the crazy, fun, emotional reactions in this set of images. Killer work!!

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