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Donna & Chris in Perfect Wedding Magazine

One of my new years resolutions (yes I do them!) was to get my work published. To my surprise I was able to tick this off my list after two weeks. Perfect Wedding called me in January to ask whether they could use my work. This is the first of a few upcoming features this year, and whilst this isn’t a huge feature it’s a huge moment for me!

The feature is about Chinese lanterns (which make for great photographs BTW!) It’s nice to be reminded of this moment at Donna and Chris’ wedding. They set off about 50 lanterns in the garden of their hotel. About a quarter got stuck in the branches of a nearby tree which gave the hotel manager a minor heart attack. A happy memory and lots of fun to photograph.

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  1. Congrats Bert! Nicely done and glad to see your new years resolution come true! 😉

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