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I needed a new car. The last year (or two) I’ve been allowed to borrow my understanding girlfriend’s VW Polo for wedding duty. It was kind of a hassle for both of us, and this year, that wasn’t going to work. In her work, and preparing for our wedding she’s as busy as I am and so I  decided to buy a new car. Well a second hand one. A new car would be a bit luxurious for me. I would have preferred black but a good deal came up and I went for a Tornado red VW Golf. Last week (with some help from my friend Alex) I decided to attached my £3K camera on to the top and side of the car and take it for a spin around Bristol. Long exposures are fun – quite a lot of these photographs are about 10secs long.

For about 2 hours we drove around Clifton, Whiteladies Road, Pembroke Road – places with some long straights and not too much chance of meeting another vehicle which might hit my camera! These are the results. Next week? I’ve saving up my 50ps and heading for the suspension bridge!

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  1. very nice – I was talking to someone last week about building a rig for the car – this might have just persuaded me to do so!

    I have the golf’s cousin (octavia) – the boot space is unbelievable on the estate, and combined with 60mpg+ on longer journeys is great – great cars

  2. Congrats on the new car Al! Very brave of you to attach your camera on top of your car… I think I would’ve had a heart attack if I did that! :p

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