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Eeli & Man Kuan | Country Engagement Photos UK


I really love Asian pre wedding photography engagement shoots. I could quite happily photograph these couples three times a week. And then still have energy for more. When I get an enquiry my heart rate rises with the anticipation of an amazing day out. The UK has such diversity that it makes for amazing country engagement photos. Forests, rivers, lakes, fields and hills. Whilst I’ve visited cities like London and Stratford country engagement photos are all about the romanticism. It was great to head to the countryside with Eeli and Man Kuan and take full advantage of UK spring time. With blossoms, flowers and beautiful light we made photographic magic happen.

If you’re interested in more countryside asian pre wedding shoots check out this one north of London and this one near Southampton. A huge thank you to these two for being all round fun people. Wishing you the very best for your wedding later this year back in Singapore!

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