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Engagement Shoot in Paris


I got back from Paris last night and I’m setting off for the sunny dales of Sheffield in about an hour to play a little part in teaching a photography workshop. It’s all go here! In a time when I’m meant be getting quieter. Before I set off I wanted to share a few of my spoils from May and Gentry’s engagement shoot in Paris. I used to live in this fabulous city and it was great to be back in the ‘hood.’ I love travelling for destination weddings and engagement shoots and have been eagerly awaiting the day where I got to go back to Paris. It’s actually a little dream of mine, as I lived in the city for 2 years. It is a very special place for me and I felt pretty nostalgic on more than a few occasions. Having a rough idea in my mind as to where were might go was pretty handy. There are so many incredible opportunities  in Paris for engagement shoots that we were really spoilt for choice. May and Gentry pulled out all the stops with some amazing outfits that it was impossible not to be inspired by. They get married in a few months (yay!) back in their home of Malaysia. But it was a huge honour to photograph them in Paris. As well as wondering all around the streets and tubes I also got to walk (literally) down memory lane.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the shoot in Paris. I feel obliged to include a few of the obvious landmarks – but there’s plenty more to come. Keep your eyes peeled! There are so many beautiful photographs to share that I’ll be making a longer blog post in due course.

Also keep your eyes peeled for their London engagement shoot. That’s right! Double bubble!

To check out more you can see the full Paris engagement shoot here.

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  1. Oh Albert… What an incredible set of images you talented clever guy.
    You’ve got the skillz. So much variety in composition/framing and feeling – that shot overlooking the rooftops is (as they say) “top drawer”. Really beautiful work mate, your 2015 has been something else

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