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Louisa & Jeremy | Surrey | Wedding


I’ve been to Surrey quite a few times in the last month. You’ve seen the Northbrook Park wedding – now check out Louisa and Jeremy’s big day. I shot Tom and Jennifer’s wedding. They were there. I also shot Amy and Carlo’s wedding. They were there too. As Jeremy and Louisa live down-under I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I knew (based on their friends weddings) that it would really be a lot of fun. I’m not going to talk too much about their day (hopefully the photos will do that) – but I’m really happy to be adding them to the website – quite a few will make it to my wedding portfolio – I’m really quite pleased with them.

If you’re wondering about the marquee then it was put together by Inside Outside Marquees and the catering by Jacaranda Catering. They really looked after me so a huge thank you! Flowers were all put together by the amazing Mad Lilies and the cake was made by Ladybird Cakes. One of my favourite moments of the day was the fireworks – if you’re having them – get them from Pains Fireworks. It was by far the best display I’ve seen. I don’t know where Louisa and Jez found the Old Dirty Brasstards – but they were a hit. As was the DJ: Max at Mighty Fine Entertainment. Louisa’s incredible wedding gown was by Lisa Gowing (in Sydney) and her shoes by Rachel Gilbert (Sydney.) The bridesmaids’ dresses were by The Reformation.


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  1. What a gorgeous wedding! So many sweet tears and great laughs and the fireworks are awesome!

  2. Always a real Joy Albert, this wedding is truly stunning, full of everything you can ask for in a perfect day, the moments you captured throughout are just outstanding.

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