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May & Gentry | Paris | Engagement Shoot

So you’ve seen the preview, here’s the whole shoot. Well – a good selection of the Paris engagement shoot. My legs have just about recovered from walking around this amazing city. Not my first time abroad, I have covered other destination weddings as well as many engagement shoots – but it was great to return to Paris, a city close to my heart. I spent a few years there when I was younger, and the local knowledge came in pretty handy for guiding May and Gentry around the city. It reminded me of when I first started to take an interest in photography and would wander around the Jardins du Luxembourg and the Latin Quarter with a small film camera. Looking back now they were nothing more than snaps, but it was great to come back as a Paris engagement photographer and make some real ‘art’ with these two.

Luckily they had plenty of great ideas themselves as it wasn’t their first time to Paris either. And between us all we made it to some the best, most iconic locations in the city. It was also good to find out that my command of the French language wasn’t quite as bad as I had feared (which isn’t saying much!)

Anyway, I really hope you love these images – for the time of year the weather was pretty good, and the sun shone on our last hour which was a huge help and made some of my favourite images of the day.

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  1. I am in love with this session. And with everything that happened recently in Paris, it makes me happy to see it as the background for love, happiness, and hope.

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