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Lina & Tom | Fanhams Hall | Wedding


Just after Christmas I made a road trip to eatanhams Hall to photograph Lina and Tom’s wedding. I remember the journey clearly as I had lots of thoughts going through my mind. Lina and Tom are also wedding photographers you see. This didn’t make my job harder. If anything a little easier. But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t add a certain amount of pressure.

At this point in the blog I normally write about which dress the bride wore. Their shoes, the venue, makeup artists, a shout out to the hair stylist, cake maker and band. Whilst a lot of that information is quite useful it doesn’t really communicate the spirit of the day or what was meaningfully important to Lina and Tom. As with almost every wedding it’s the guests, the friends and family that make the difference. It’s actually quite strange to think that occasions like this are the only time this specefic group of people will get together in the same place to celebrate. And it’s the people who define the day. Whilst I love travelling to new venues (and Fanhams Hall IS particularly nice!) it’s always the people that make the day what it is.

And that’s really what I remember about Lina and Tom’s day – the love and friendships. The fun moments, the nerves and the more sentimental ones like Lina’s dance with her father.

Now, retracing my steps slightly I do feel obliged to mention a few names. Because Lina and Tom’s wedding really was a festival of lights, bokeh, winter decoration and indescribable wonderfulness all inspired by their engagement under the northern lights. I think it’s fair to say that being wedding photographers they a pretty high standard when it comes to choosing people for their own big day. I suspect they have a little leather black book of amazing suppliers. So first up I’d like to mention Lovelight Entertainment who put together the most amazing 90’s megamix. I do hear a lot of wedding DJ’s and these guys They are a cut above.

Mooi Flowers created Lina’s amazing bouquet and Mr Cake created a wedding cake like non I’ve seen before. I suspect I will never see a cake like it again. Lee Smith made magic, no really. As did Ian Stuart and the good people from The Tailor’s Cat in creating Lina’s dress. The talented Janine Basil make Lina’s bespoke hair piece and thanks Vivienne Westwood for your Melissa shoes which completed the look.

Tom’s bespoke suit and shirt was from A Suit that Fits and his shoes are Muse by Jeffery West. Their wonderful wedding rings were also bespoke by Lisa the Jeweller. Not forgetting make-up artists Rachel McGuinness aka Enhance My Beauty and Sarah Henning. They really made my job a little bit easier in the morning and were great company.

And me, Albert Palmer who took some photos along with sidekick wonder boy Johnny. A huge thanks for him for helping and hanging out with me. He worked like a trooper and a handful of wonderful images on the blog are his.


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  1. Beautiful, fun and so much emotions. You captured this SO well!!!!!! Loved the last hot, stunner but also the father walking his daughter down the isle, tearjerking!

  2. So gorgeous! I love the venue and their style, and the confetti dancing shots are so awesome!

  3. BOOM! That confetti first dance shot was absolutely nailed! Amazing work Albert, you’ve definitely become one of my regular sources of inspiration 🙂

  4. Ahhhh Albert. Every now and then I have another peek and get butterflies, you were absolutely the perfect photographer for us, and what a star Jonny was too. We just love them as do all our friends and family. You totally caught the spirit of our wedding, a day not just for us but for all our lovely friends and family too. Hugs! L&T x

  5. Nearly 4 months on and am remembering my beautiful sister and wonderful brother in laws wedding day. The shots bring it all flooding back and how proud I felt of them both that day. It still brings a lump to my throat. You nailed it Albert! Thank you xx Jo xx

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