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Bristol Photographer’s Flickr Photographique Exhibition

Over the last few months there has been a lot of preparation going on for an exhibition of Bristol Photographer’s work at the Photographique gallery here in Bristol. Whilst I didn’t have the time to make my own submission I thought I would help in some small way to get the word out.

I have seen a sample of the work which will be put on display and I have been mightily impressed. The quality of the work is outstanding as you would expect. The exhibition preview starts tonight (15 April 2010) and runs from 16th-21st April (excluding Sunday.) If you have the time I would highly recommend you go along and check it out. It’s free!

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  1. Hey Bert,

    Thanks heaps for flickLgraphique a shout out. The exhibition went off really well and we have had a load of positive feedback from visitors.

    As a result of the success we decided we wanted to try and extend the show for a while. We have managed to get some gallery space at the Nails Gallery (inside the big building where St Nick’s Markets are) in Bristol and we will be exhibiting as part of the Bristol Festival Of Photography. – We’ll be updating the details here soon.

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