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Photographing The Emotion Of A Wedding

emotional service at the bristol registry officeSome say a wedding is like a big party and for others it is a spiritual occasion. Whatever view the view, the relatives, friends, bride and groom will be showing emotion and pictures showing this will be the best of the day. Pictures of people looking bored at a wedding won’t go down well and you won’t  have captured the spirit of the day. Emotion isn’t always easy to capture but there are predictable points throughout the day when if you are in the right place it will help your chances of capturing the mother of the bride weeping a bit easier. Other opportunities arise when you get involved at a wedding because don’t forget you are as much a part of the event as everyone else so remember this and try and get involved without imposing. Talking to people, telling jokes and generally being fun will help your subjects feel at ease and help make photo opportunities.

There are times when you need to stand at the side and wait for people to do something interesting. However if the ‘energy’ isn’t there then make sure you move on and keep circulating. People always tell me how much effort I put in to my work and I think it energy and happiness catches. If you show people a good time you usually get it back in return. Being at a joyous occasion such as a wedding, people want to have fun and celebrate. This does make your life slightly easier but giving people a gentle nudge in the right direction will improve your chances. What I mean by this is sometimes you need a long lens so you can stand back and capture an event as it unfolds. On other occasions you need to get in close with the wide angle and ‘help’ the guests have fun.

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