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Hannah & Dan | Wedding Photographs | Orchardleigh

Okay, I’m going to start by apologising for the length of this post. It’s a big one. But Hannah & Dan’s wedding at Orchardleigh house in Somerset was a big and beautiful wedding. I’m starting to trend with these longer posts – I thing showing 10-20 of my best shots in nice, but this way I get to tell the whole story and it works so much better.

Hopefully Hannah and her bridesmaids will forgive me for posting photographs of them in their PJs, but that’s where I started. Hannah & Dan got married in St John the Evangelist in Trowbridge. The Church was personal to them as this is where Hannah went when she was growing up. It was a touching ceremony and their mini orchestra really helped set the tone.

The reception at Orchardleigh was pretty much how I’d like my wedding to be. Fun, relaxed, great atmosphere and lots going on. The rooms were magnificent. Large ceilings, lots of light, elegant candlesticks and decorated beautifully. The gardens and surrounding countryside are quintessentially English – this works really nicely with my modern style of photography. Orchardleigh is a real find.

Also, A big thank you to EVERYONE for braving the March weather to have their photographs taken outside. I haven’t posted the here (yet!) but I hope you like the photographs from the photo booth inside!

Wedding Photographs Orchardleigh

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  1. This is such a beautiful post, but by fav, has to be the two ‘come here and give me a kiss on the cheek’ pics. That old gag is a classic and it’s captured beautifully here. I think I’ll go home and use it on my husband. A great wedding Albert!

  2. Bert, you’ve captured what weddings are really all about, a personal day where everyone can let their hair down whilst looking their absolute best celebrating two peoples love!
    I love every one of these pictures!

  3. Yes, there are lots of photos…but each one is beautiful. You started off with that panic mug that made me laugh right off the bat.

  4. A-ma-zing!!!!!!!!!! You have captured the spirit of what was undoubtedly an awesome day. Your work is absolutely what Hannah wanted and she couldn’t have hoped for better. Many thanks Albert, hope the rest of the wedding season goes as well for you.

  5. This are gorgeous photos. Beautiful couple, great dress, stunning location, awesome photographer…they had it all! wonderful processing also. I’m looking through this post again…!

  6. Your black-and-white photos are gorgeous. I think my favorites are the ones where they’re being pelted with rice 🙂 You did a beautiful job.

  7. These photos are fabulous, really is a diary of the day, I can’t stop looking through them. The shots in the field are beautiful, definitely worth missing the profiteroles for (although they were also excellent!).

  8. I just can’t stop looking at them Albert! We cannot thank you enough, the photos are just so amazing and capture brilliantly what was a very very special and happy day for us. Just let us know how you would like us to write a testimonial for you to put on here! Hannah and Dan

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