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Nikki & Olivier | Court Farm | Wedding

Court Farm Wedding Photography Standerwick

Welcome to another blog post reminiscing back to Oliver and Nikki’s Court Farm wedding. They had an amazingly colourful day and got married nearby at Rook Lane Chapel in Frome. The decorations in the ceremony room were incredible and worked nicely in the photos – great job everyone!

Nikki wore a wedding gown from Heartelt Vintage and the flowers were from Organic Blooms. Isabel While worked her magic in the morning with makeup and the incredible catering is from Mill Farm Catering. The cake is from “Wild Wonder” – The Bakemonger, Frome and the wedding rings are from Rachel Ann Bird in Frome.

At Court Farm Nikki and Ollie did all of the marquee decoration, everything was hand made. Including the Bee theme and organic wildflowers. The hexagon backdrop was made by Nikki’s dad and the honey cake and favours were from a local bee keeper.

Personal favourite was a home brewed beer bespoke for their day as well as beer bottle favours.

My personal favourite was Nikki’s dad who front her to the ceremony in the car that he renovated when he was younger.

Anecdote of the day was when the registrars were late, and no one was sure whether they were coming! I love capturing little mishaps and things that don’t run 100% to plan. I’ve not seen registrars be late before! The poor things got stuck in traffic and didn’t have telephone reception. Nothing like some last minute panic to help everyone’s nerves 😀

Thank you so much for having me to your Court Farm wedding. I’ve so many happy memories of the day and the highlight was getting those amazing shots at sunset. 

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  1. Excellent wedding day. The more the time goes by in this pandemic the more I miss photographing weddings. Fab work.

  2. More AP fabulousness! Love the vibe and beautiful story-telling. Love hat shot of the guy taking the selfie with the wee geegee❤️

  3. Great work buddy. It reminds me of my wedding day. However, if the pictures could be edited lightly, it would be much better and it would be better to do face retouching as well. Thank you.

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