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Villa La Tosca wedding photography

Villa La Tosca Wedding Photography

I was lucky enough to do Jane and James’s Villa La Tosca wedding. A beautiful French villa right next to the sea. Jane and James are both Irish but live in Australia. They found this incredible coastal wedding venue with help from Ajna from It was my first time working with Ajna and she made sure everything ran like clockwork.

I remember something from every wedding that I go to. Well, I remember LOTS of things but the memory that is the fondest in my mind is eating a LOT of fresh oysters. No apologies for this. Jane and James had mountains of oysters taken from the sea that very morning. With only 50-60 guests there was a LOT left over after everyone had finished. I remember standing with James, and his good Irish hospitality insisted I have some. SO I ate a lot, literally becoming addicted to them. The more I ate the more I wanted! Anyone, enough about Oysters!

Whilst in France I also captured this Chatuea Soulac wedding and we had amazing weather for both weddings. There was a LOT of sun tan lotion being applied by the guests. Villa La Tosca wedding photography was made complete by an amazing outdoor wedding ceremony in the garden.

The day finished with a French band and the Irish singing and dancing. It was a blast to photograph.

One of the highlights for me was going for a short walk on the beach with Jane and James to take a few photos at sunset. 10 minutes of quiet, standing in the sand by the ocean seeing the sun go down.

Massive thanks again to Jane and James for having me. It was an amazing day and I loved being a part of it – now enjoy these photos!

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  1. Cracking work indeed Albert, Not so sure on the oysters though… hahaha But seriously, a cracking collection of images, truly telling a great story from start to finish – Loving the final image.

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