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Jodie & Mike | Rossilli Bay | Engagement Shoot

Rossilli Bay Engagement Shoot

Mike and Jodie took me to Rossilli Bay for their engagement shoot. Despite spending 17 years of my life growing up in Wales I had never been to Rossilli Bay before. Never seen it. Never heard of it. Didn’t know it existed. Instead my good parents took me to Aberystwyth! It is now officially one of my favourite places to go in Wales. Jodie and MIke’s Rossilli Bay engagement shoot was just brilliant for photos so thanks for introducing me to it! I have to say, when you have a location as pretty as this it does make taking photos just that little bit easier. Especially when the sun comes out out and giving us some amazing light. We had the beach to ourselves apart from a few surfers and sheep.

It was great to start with a walk along the cliff tops for some great views out over the sea and islands. We then headed down on to the beach for a bit more variety. We timed it perfectly for a a nice sun set! Here are a few of my favourite images…

I’m looking forward to adding a few of these photos to my engagement shoot portfolio. Thank you so much for being great models Jodie and Mike! I can’t wait for the big day…

rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-001 rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-002 rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-003 rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-004 rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-005 rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-006 rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-007 rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-008 rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-009 Rossilli Bay Engagement Shoot Rossilli Bay Engagement Shoot Rossilli Bay Engagement Shoot wales Engagement Shoot rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-014 rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-015 rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-016 rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-017 rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-018 rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-019 Rossilli Bay Engagement Shoot rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-021 rossilli-bay-engagement-shoot-022


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