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Yen Yen & Tommy | Achnagairn Castle | Wedding

Achnagairn Castle wedding

My wife told me I was ‘crazy’ for driving up to Yen Yen and Tommy’s Achnagairn Castle wedding in Scotland. ‘Why not take an aeroplane?’ she asked. She was right, as she is about most things but I really did enjoy the drive. Especially the early start on the morning of the wedding day from somewhere near Perth to Achnagairn Castle. It was an incredible drive as the sun came up. Every 20 minutes I had to stop the car, get out, and take photos as amazing landscapes come in to view. I love surprises and going to new wedding venues far away always keeps me on my toes.

I was doubly excited as I was using a new camera for the first time. In fact you may have seen a few of their wedding photos on my Canon 5D MKIV review blogpost. I actually met Yen Yen and Tommy for an engagement shoot in Cornwall. (I’m saving that blog post for the winter!) It was great to get to know them beforehand and find out a little more about their plans for the day in advance. They are truly the sweetest couple, and even now, designing their album they are being so nice! It was no surprise to me at all that family came from Australia, America, Asia, France and probably lots of other countries that I have forgotten to Scotland (!) to celebrate their marriage.

Yen Yen chose a Emmanuel Haute Couture wedding gown and Tommy really looked the part in black tie. It was a good surprise to see homegirl Kate Kelvin in the morning working her hair styling and make up skills. Star of the show bagpiper Calum Fraser (‘Spud the Piper‘) played beautifully and also posed for many a photo with guests. Angela Stewart did an absolutely beautiful job of flower arranging and decoration – the ceremony hall looked like something out of a Martha Stewart magazine which made photography just that little bit easier!

The Achnagairn Castle wedding venue is absolutely beautiful and has so many great photo opportunities. Fortunately for us the sun shone all day, but if it hadn’t it still would have made a beautiful backdrop inside and out. Whenever I think of Scotland I think over cast grey clouds and the loch ness monster – I saw neither!

I can verify the food from The Taste of Moray was well above standard. Also, one slice of wedding cake from Jools Lawson at cake mama was not enough.

The band (The Anne Dickson band) played the night away! The year isn’t even over yet. But several photos from their Achnagairn Castle wedding will be firm favourites in my yearly ‘best of 2016’ blog roundup. Thank you SO much for having me to photograph your wedding, it was a blast!

achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-001 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-002 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-003 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-004 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-005 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-006 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-007 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-008 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-009 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-010 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-011 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-012 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-013 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-014 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-015 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-016 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-017 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-018 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-019 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-020 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-021 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-022 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-023 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-024 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-025 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-027 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-028 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-029 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-030 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-031 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-032 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-033 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-034 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-035 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-036 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-037 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-038 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-039 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-040 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-041 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-042 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-043 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-044 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-045 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-046 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-047 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-048 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-049 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-050 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-051 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-052 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-053 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-054 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-055 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-056 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-057 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-058 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-059 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-060 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-061 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-062 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-063 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-064 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-065 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-066 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-067 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-068 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-069 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-070 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-071 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-072 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-073 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-074 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-075 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-076 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-077 Achnagairn Castle wedding achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-079 Achnagairn Castle wedding achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-081 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-082 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-083 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-084 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-085 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-086 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-087 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-088 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-089 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-090 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-091 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-092 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-093 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-094 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-095 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-096 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-097 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-098 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-099 achnagairn-castle-wedding-photos-100


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  1. The usual crazy high calibre of wedding photography from one of my favourite photographers 🙂 So comprehensive and pounding with energy. Love it my friend! Your editing is so, so on point!!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL WORK! I just love all the candids! You really captured the joy of the couple and the joy of the people that were there to celebrate. What a venue!

  3. What a gorgeous wedding! You did an incredible job documenting this couple’s day! And I’m kind of obsessed with their ceremony space! So pretty!!

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