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Sophie & Liam | Old Down Manor | Wedding

Old Down Manor Wedding Photographer


Old Down Manor Wedding Photographer

First of all I love being an Old Down Manor wedding photographer and I go there a few times every year. Every time I go I find new places to photograph because it has the most beautiful grounds. For Sophie and Liam’s wedding we found these beautiful golden fields! I have been impatiently waiting for their wedding day for some time. I love photographing Old Down Manor, it’s beautiful wedding venue. Sophie and Liam invited so many friends and family that it wasn’t possible to fit them all in the house!

They both looked amazing and their wedding was certainly one of the highlights of my year.

It was one of those beautiful summer days we can get in the UK! It made Old Down Manor wedding photography just that little bit easier. We really lucked out with the weather hence the amazing evening portraits of Liam and Sophie. In the morning Sophie offered me drinks and later on Liam offered to carry my bag because it looked heavy.

The Wedding Venue

A few little shout outs to Lucy and the crew at Old Down Manor. The team are always professional and helpful whenever I visit which therefore makes my job quite a bit easier. I remember asking them to move some speakers out of the background of the speeches. They even entrusted with the keys to the roof which meant I could take a few photos out over the gardens.

A few little shout outs to Sorori design for their amazing floristry skills. Lauren Grey the wedding stylist worked wonders with the decorations and  The little cake company baked and designed Sophie and Liam’s wedding cake (which was truly scrumptious.) I’m sure you’ll spot some pretty cool bow-ties which were sourced from Mrs Bow Tie and the stationary was created by the amazing LucyLovesWeddings. Finally Vibetown played the night away which meant I could get some incredibly fun party photos.

Cutting down the amount of photos to show you was SO hard but as a result here are the highlights. As I’m a wedding photographer in Bristol I’ve photographed Old Down Manor a few times now and it seems like each time I find new locations to explore. I like it so much that it’s on my best wedding venues in Bristol list.

Finally a huge thank you to Liam and Sophie for having me along to celebrate and document your wedding.

Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-001 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-002 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-003 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-004 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-006 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-007 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-008 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-009 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-010 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-011 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-012 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-013 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-014 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-015 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-016 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-017 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-018 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-019 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-020 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-021 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-022 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-023 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-024 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-025 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-026 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-027 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-028 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-029 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-030 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-031 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-032 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-033 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-034 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-035 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-037 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-039 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-040 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-041 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-042 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-043 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-044 Old Down Manor Wedding Photographer Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-047 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-048 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-049 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-050 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-051 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-052 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-053 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-054 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-055 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-056 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-057 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-058 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-059 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-060 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-061 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-062 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-063 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-064 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-065 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-066 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-067 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-068 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-069 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-070 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-071 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-072 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-073 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-074 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-075 Old Down Manor Wedding Photography Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-077 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-078 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-079 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-080 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-081 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-082 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-083 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-084 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-085 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-086 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-087 Old-Down-Manor-Wedding-Photography-095


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