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Best Wedding Venues in Bristol

As a wedding photographer in Bristol I thought I’d put together a little article for those trying to track down the best wedding venues in the local area. My hope is that this list will be useful for anyone searching for their wedding venue in Bristol. And don’t worry, IU’ll keep this list updated every year as I visit new places.

There are venue directories, but consider this first hand local knowledge from someone who lives in the area. And someone who goes to a lot of weddings. You can be sure that although this list isn’t unbiased non of my suggestions are adverts. Nor am I being paid to create this list. So with that ethical point out of the way let’s continue.

As previously mentioned I will keep this list up to date. So, wedding venues like Bristol Zoo are sadly no longer on the list as well as Kingsweston House. Another gem was Goldbrick House on Park Street which I was sad to see close.

This list is in no particular order although I will start with the urban venues followed by the countryside venues. My venue suggestions are all within a 20 minute drive of Bristol. If you know Bristol then you’ll know that you can be in the countryside within 10 minutes. You’ll be surrounded by incredible countryside and there are countless barns and country houses that might take your interest.



This list doesn’t really cover every budget however there are definitely options at both ends of the spectrum. So whether you’re planning a large wedding or an elopement then I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

The Mount Without

Recently opened this is the star of the show if you’re looking for a venue in Bristol City centre. Located on St Michael’s Hill (and with nearby parking) it should be on everyone’s radar. With a huge indoor capacity (and lots of natural light) it is full of charm and character. If there was a downside it’s the lack of outdoor space. But hey, there’s not a huge amount of that in any Bristol wedding venue that I’ve been to (apart from Goldney House.) I particularly love the ceremony room, the cave rave and the climb on to the roof of the venue for amazing views over Bristol.

inside the mount without Bristol wedding venue


Arnos Vale

This one is a little off beat (because it’s in a cemetery!) But if you can overlook this fact it’s an absolute favourite of mine. And not because I can reach it in under 10 minutes, on foot from my house in Bristol. I love the outdoorsy nature of the venue and it’s so nice to be able to be outside, enjoying amazing food and drink and be surrounded by nature. I’ve got really fond memories of all the weddings I’ve been to here. When you’re there you really could be in the countryside because you’re completely surrounded by tall trees and nature.



Okay, I’ve broken my own rule here but Paintworks wedding venue isn’t somewhere I’ve been (yet!) I have one booked for later in the year and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. Parking shouldn’t be a problem and there is some nice urban outdoor space. Certainly if you’re on more of a budget then this is well worth considering.

Berwick Lodge

A short drive from Bristol and located in the North of the city this is a lovely boutique hotel. I’ve photographed quite a few weddings here over the years and I love going back. You have a view of the river Severn and Wales. The Prince of Wales Bridge. The grounds are absolutely lovely and photographing wedding guests playing lawn games when slightly tipsy is one of my favourite things! I like the ceremony room, the staff are delightful and the different rooms throughout the house are nice environment for people to enjoy themselves.

Berwick Lodge from the outside in spring time

Bristol Museum

Okay, so I haven’t actually photographed a wedding here either. BUT! I couldn’t overlook this as an amazing Bristol wedding venue. It’s iconic and if you’d like a city centre wedding this should be on your list of prospective wedding venues.

De Vere Tortworth court

A bit of a stretch to call this Bristol, but De Vere Tortworth Court has really risen to the top of wedding venues. I’ve been going there for years and each time they improve some small aspect of their venue. The Orangery where you can have the ceremony and reception is a stunning building and lends itself really well to photography. Even in bright light the room doesn’t get hot and there’s tons of space to move around. Perhaps a downside might be that it’s not an exclusive venue, but the grounds are lovely and well maintained.

wedding ceremony at Tortworth court

Folly Farm

Again, another local favourite! I’ve been coming here for many years. The joy of this wedding venue in North Somerset is that you can really make it your own. You can bring in your own caterers, decorate it how you like and it also has accommodation on site. One of the first weddings I ever photographed was at Folly Farm so I’ve really fond memories of the venue. In particular I love that you can get married outside and the views over the countryside are stunning.

sunny Folly Farm Somerset



Again, I’ve been going to Clevedon Hall to photograph weddings for SO long. Fun fact I photographed the venue owner’s daughters wedding. Again, this is another wedding venue that has really invested in itself. Every time I go I see that they’ve improved an area. I particularly like the new ceremony room which is filled with light. The grounds are stunning and make couple (and group photos) pretty easy if you’re on a time restraint. One of my favourite features is inside where there’s a glass corridor between the main hall and the ceremony. It’s one of my favourite spots for photos.

clevedon hall winter wedding photos


Avon Gorge Hotel

I couldn’t overlook this wedding venue because it’s right in the heart of Clifton village with an incredible view of the suspension bridge. Not too long ago the hotel had a refurb downstairs and it’s now open for weddings. I think my favourite photo spot is the green near to the suspension bridge and the Royal Crescent is equally as iconic and only a short walk away. Parking is a little trickier.

Goldney House

Massively underrated and not on many people’s radar – but this is well worth considering because the outdoor space is phenomenal. I’m pretty sure this is a student’s hall of residence so it’s not a traditional wedding venue and I’m guessing has some restrictions. But it’s a beautiful space and I’ve done a number of smaller weddings there. Again, it’s a stone’s throw from Clifton Village in Bristol. So as well as the gardens you could do couple photos in and around the suspension

Clifton suspicion bridge

old down estate

So much love for this venue near Thornbury and again I’ve been coming here for years. Each year I come they’ve improved some area of the venue. In particular I love the views of the house over the river severn and the prince of Wales bridge. Although the rest of the venue is lovely the views must be a big selling feature. Inside it’s very spacious and well maintained. As for couple photos the grounds are very extensive, I think my favourite spot is the wild meadow which with the backdrop could not be more perfect for couple photos.


registry office

Okay – hear me out on this. I’ve done a few lovely weddings at the registry office in the heart of Bristol and then headed to cocktail bars nearby like The Rummer Hotel or the Mercure Bristol Grand. You’re in a great spot already in Bristol so couple photos at quiet spots along the river or in Castle Park are possible. This is a great budget option, especially if guest numbers are around 10-35. I won’t lie, as a photographer some of the rooms in the registry office are a little dark and not quite as visually pleasing as getting married outside. But as someone who has been to a ton of weddings it doesn’t ‘really’ matter. It’s who you’re with, not where you are that counts.

Bristol registry office confetti

Clifton Observatory

A relatively new wedding venue in Bristol, I was thrilled to get a booking here! As with the registry office suggestion the ceremony room was quiet dark but the surroundings more than make up for it. It’s an iconic part of Bristol and my favourite part was being led up to the roof for views over the Avon gorge. Guests loved hanging out up there and there’s a ton of opportunities for couple photos near the bridge, or for something a little more urban around Clifton Village.

Priston Mill

I could not put a ‘best wedding venues in Bristol’ article without including Priston Mill. I’ve been going to this venue, every year for the last 14 years and I love it. Highlights are the staff who run the day behind the scenes like a military operation. Everything just seems to go to plan when they’re in charge and they’re well rehearsed at catering for every eventuality. I’ve written a lot about Priston Mill here so I won’t say too much more about it here. But, if you’re after a countryside Barn wedding venue within 20 minutes of Bristol and Bath then it’s well worth considering.

Priston Mill wedding ceremony decorations

Coombe Lodge

Possibly my most visited wedding venue in the world ever is Coombe Lodge. A larger write up can be found here but suffice to say it’s possibly my favourite countryside venue on the outskirts of Bristol. You can get married outside. You can get married inside. The staff are lovely. The food is amazing. There is a ton of outdoor space for guests to wander and relax in. You can play garden games. There are views. There are spaces for more offbeat couple photos as well as rolling fields for more romantic shots.

sunny autumn wedding at Coombe Lodge

Thornbury castle

Technically I don’t know how much of a castle this really is but it’s a lovely spot to get married but one thing is for certain it is old! I’ve also done couple shoots here and a beautiful winter wedding. The gardens are lovely for group shots and couple photos. It’s really close to Bristol and there is a ton of parking.

bride and groom against old castle in Bristol

No. 4 Clifton village

Another gem in Clifton village. I’ve been to wedding ceremonies here as well as wedding receptions (after registry office ceremonies.) It has a reasonably sized garden for confetti and outdoor group photos (and drinks!) Inside is intimate for a wedding but it all works nicely and it’s a lovely space to be in. Again, as it’s in Clifton village there are a ton of couple photo opportunities around the neighbourhood and towards the suspension bridge.

humanist wedding in bristol

Kings Weston House

So, in 2024 I’m actually not sure that this is a wedding venue anymore. I’m having trouble finding a website so I will have a think and replace this with something a little more suitable. But assuming that it is still open for business then it too is an incredible bit of architecture. Absolutely incredible inside and with lots of space outside. I’ve not been to a wedding ceremony here, but it makes an incredible reception venue.

Hamswell House

For whatever reason I don’t think they do many weddings here but it’s stunning  venue in between Bristol and Bath. The house is lovely and the views are INSANE. I’m pretty sure that the reception is always held in a marquee, you can’t actually use the house (other than as a backdrop for photos.) But it is truly beautiful and because it’s not well known do check them out and see if it’s for you.

Hamswell House wedding photography

We Are The Curious

Last one on the list is ‘we are the curious.’ As I’m typing this it is currently closed for repairs but I did do a wedding here in the planetarium. I’m not going to lie, as a photographer this one isn’t brimming with amazing light nor does it have amazing views over rolling hills. But if you’re after something a little different, if you’re quirky, offbeat, and aren’t taking the wedding day too seriously then this one might be a contender. I would say, after the ceremony you’re in a great spot for couple photos. You’ve got amazing views of Bristol harbour, the M shed and the iconic industrial cranes. If the sun is out then you’ll get stunning couple/family photos.

A Humanist wedding in Bristol
And then finally, the world can be your wedding venue with a humanist wedding. Check out this link to Kate and Russ’s wedding where they tied the knot in a spot that was close to the two of them. They chose an amazing spot by the sea just outside of Bristol and invited their closest family and friends. They then filled in the paper work at the registry office in Bristol to tidy up the legal side of things. And, Julia and Baz did exactly the same. The only pitfalls are that you might choose somewhere that isn’t entirely private, but I don’t think that’s such a big deal.

If you’re prepared to travel a little further then consider my best wedding venues in The Cotswolds.

And, if you’ve any feedback or there are venues you think I should consider adding to this list please do get in touch. If you’ve found this list useful and you’re looking for other wedding vendors in the Bristol area do have a look at my list of other wedding vendors. I also keep this list up to date and there are tons of useful links to bands, makeup artists etc.

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