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Sunny & Steve | Berwick Lodge | Wedding


Sunny and Steve’s Berwick Lodge wedding has been marked in my calendar with a big red ring around it for some time. I’ve only had the pleasure of photographing at Berwick Lodge once before but it was great to return and see it in the spring. Sunny and Steve are two of the nicest people I’ve met. Not only did Steve continuously offer me drinks throughout the day, he also offered to carry my bag at one point! I didn’t let him of course, seeing as it was his wedding day and all.

Sunny, accompanied by a lot of her sisters looked beautiful all day – even when I suggested photos outside (on a pretty blustery day) she smiled and laughed all the way through the the April cold. Thank you – we made some amazing photos. The best thing about my job is meeting and sharing an amazing day with awesome people like Sunny and Steve.

My favourite point in the day? Probably the evening dancing. It got pretty wild. Whilst I always enjoy a good band/DJ – their DJ friend kept on dropping some killer tracks all night. Big up to all of my favourite suppliers. Nina Norman on make up and the talented Louise Alway with hair styling. Ivory Flowers created the beautiful blooms you see above (and below!) and La Couture Bridal Boutique and The Mews, Clifton for the wonderful bridal accessories and gown. And a huge thank you to Berwick Lodge for looking after me all day.

I had been looking forward to Sunny and Steve’s wedding for some time and I can’t wait to update my portfolio with some of their wedding photographs. The one above is pure joy!

Berwick Lodge wedding photographer Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-002 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-004 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-005 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-006 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-007 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-010 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-011 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-012 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-013 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-014 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-015 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-016 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-017 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-018 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-019 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-020 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-021 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-023 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-024 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-025 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-026 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-027 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-028 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-029 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-031 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-032 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-033 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-034 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-035 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-036 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-037 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-038 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-039 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-040 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-041 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-042 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-043 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-047 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-048 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-049 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-050 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-051 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-052 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-053 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-054 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-055 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-056 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-058 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-059 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-060 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-061 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-063 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-064 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-065 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-066 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-067 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-068 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-069 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-070 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-072 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-073 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-074 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-075 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-076 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-077 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-078 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-079 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-080 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-081 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-082 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-083 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-084 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-086 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-087 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-088 Berwick-Lodge-wedding-photographer-096


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  1. I still cannot believe this was our day – Albert, you were fantastic. Cannot thank you enough for capturing everything that meant everything to us, coupled with pictures of moments we never ever knew had happened.

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  3. Wow is all I can say – what a beautiful wedding and you did an amazing job photographing this special day for this awesome couple and their families!

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