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It’s time to catch up with the blog! Sorry for the absence. I’ve been travelling quite a bit recently and trying to squeeze in all of the things you have to keep on top of them ‘running a business.’ If you are on instagram then I’m doing my level best to show my recent work there on a fairly regular basis. But otherwise the blog hasn’t been getting a whole lotta love. Something, that as I come towards the end of my travels I will be rectifying. For this image I was a wedding photographer in Beirut.

Seeing as it’s Monday I’m going to resume black and white Mondays. It’s a pretty easy way for me to share my new wedding portfolio images. Whilst I love the longer story of a blog post there’s nothing like diving in to a powerful single image. This photograph is from a destination wedding in Beirut. I took this photo in the morning, in a hair salon called Beiroots! That play on words gets me every time!…

I’m actually in the process of editing this wedding so I thought I’d share one of my favourite images. This one is a cracker. It’s one of those images that I know as soon as I take it that it’ll be one of the best images of the day. This one has all the elements. It perfectly suits the black and white treatment too. If the light is right the normal ‘hairspray shot’ works a treat. It’s a great visual effect, quite dramatic and is something a little different. But I don’t often get an expression as good as this from our little flower girl. Both hands up covering her mouth and nose, squeezing tightly, eyes squinting, raised eyebrow, hair astray. Brilliant. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the big moments of a wedding day are always there, but it’s the smaller moments that feature people that I love spotting and I think give wedding photos a little bit more character.

bridesmaid having her hair done

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