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BLACK & WHITE MONDAYS – The Bouquet Throw

Another cracker of an image from Natalie and Ramzi’s destination wedding in Beirut. I love how excited some people become over the bouquet toss. Seriously, it can get pretty competitive out there! I also love this image and it really captures the party atmosphere of their wedding day. The dance floor was packed all night. At no point were there less than 70 people dancing. This image works well in colour but black and white strips away some needless distraction and makes it a whole lot more dramatic. As far as wedding traditions go I personally feel that people should have the freedom to pick and choose what they want to do. But, along with confetti I think the bouquet toss goes out there as being a pretty fun thing to do at your wedding. Although mainly so I can get amazing images like this.

Now, for me, this is quite a fearless shot. It’s normally quite a bit easier and more predictable to stand close to the bride and capture her expression as she launches the flowers in to the air. Then follow the flowers and capture the action as ladies athletically launch themselves in to the air, arms stretched and eyes closed hoping to catch it. But this time I really tried to push my boundaries and aimed to get a different perspective of the event. I really like trying to create something a little different. With the boys looking on and the girls reaching in to the air, the flowers suspended… Who knows where it is going to land… All I know if that if it were my wedding album this could take up a whole spread.

I really hope you like it as much as me.

cool bouquet toss

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