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May Roundup | Spring Wedding Photography


I’ve been so bad at blogging but spring 2016 has been a crazy start to the year. I knew it was going to be busy but I’ve spent more time in hotel rooms than I have at home. Blogging has been tough! I decided to put together a highlights post of my favourite images here. Just a little spring wedding photography roundup so you can see what I’ve been up to. I’ll share full wedding posts in due course, but consider this a shot in the arm for now. In May I travelled to Snowdonia, Beirut, Iceland, Oxfordshire, Italy, Dorset, Norway and Cheltenham! It’s been the most organised and planned month of my life! Within the space of a few weeks I’ve photographed a wedding in the heat of Beirut with 250 guests to a chilly wedding in Iceland with 2 brides who eloped. It’s been a lot of fun and I feel extremely lucky to have photographed more destination weddings. Saying that wedding photography is my ‘job’ just feels wrong.

I’ve eaten a lot of amazing food but also too many late night takeaways. I’m writing this from a little hotel room in Norway and quite looking forward to getting back to a regular schedule and spending a little more time with my amazing family. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that 2017 is equally as amazing.

I hope you like what you see.

spring wedding photographylulwoth-wedding-photographer-004manor-by-the-lake-wedding-photographer-002oxford-wedding-photographer-005snowdon-wedding-photographer-003spring-engagement-shoot-008umbria-wedding-photographer-005destination wedding photographerlgbt wedding elopement icelandlulwoth-wedding-photographer-001manor-by-the-lake-wedding-photographer-003oxford-wedding-photographer-002snowdon-wedding-photographer-007iceland-wedding-photography-001-2iceland-wedding-photography-008lulwoth-wedding-photographer-002oxford-wedding-photographer-001snowdon-wedding-photographer-004umbria-wedding-photographer-003beirut-wedding-photography-011iceland-wedding-photography-006lulwoth-wedding-photographer-006oxford-wedding-photographer-003snowdon-wedding-photographer-006umbria-wedding-photographer-002beirut-wedding-photography-009iceland-wedding-photography-007manor-by-the-lake-wedding-photographer-001beirut-wedding-photography-004spring-engagement-shoot-007oxford-wedding-photographer-006snowdon-wedding-photographer-005beirut-wedding-photography-003 wedding-photography-umbria-001snowdon-wedding-photographer-008oxford-wedding-photographer-004beirut-wedding-photography-005 lulwoth-wedding-photographer-003snowdon-wedding-photographer-001umbria-wedding-photographer-006lulwoth-wedding-photographer-005iceland-wedding-photography-009beirut-wedding-photography-006 spring-engagement-shoot-006beirut-wedding-photography-010 spring-engagement-shoot-005 oxford-wedding-photographer-007 snowdon-wedding-photographer-002 umbria-wedding-photographer-001 spring-engagement-shoot-002beirut-wedding-photography-012

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  1. And that’s how it’s done! Seriously man, for an end of year roundup this would be excellent, but 1/4 of a year!!!
    Crazy good 🙂

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