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As a professional people spotter one of my favourite things to do is spot mannerisms. They can tell you so much about a person or group of people. One of the things I like to take photographs of at weddings is hands. Yes, I take photos of hands at weddings. Hands are so expressive and can tell you so much about how someone is feeling. This is (another) photograph from Natalie and Ramzi’s destination wedding in Beirut. I noticed that generally, folks were much more expressive with their hands than we tend to be in England. Huge generalisation I know. But true I think. This is one from the bridal prep where the bride’s mother is chatting with her nieces.

I’m a huge fan of the triple symmetry here. This isn’t a dramatic photo. There’s no ‘wow’ moment or ‘amazeballs’ reaction – just a subtle observation. Oftentimes I think of myself as more of a photographer who goes to weddings, than a ‘wedding photographer.’

I don’t think it’ll win any awards but it’s small things like this that make me smile. More coming soon!

wedding hands

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