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Lynsey & Christian | Elms Barn | Wedding


At the end of July I headed to Norfolk (my first time) for Lynsey and Christian’s wedding at Elms Barn. Sometimes couples ask me whether I visit a venue before the wedding day. Perhaps to check locations and see what the light is like. Or to make sure I have a plan if it rains. It’s a good question and I know some wedding photographers do. The venue is an important part of the equation – but as I travel so far and wide it’s not always practical. Also, more importantly, I’m there to photograph the people and often times no planning can prefer you. Lynsey and Christian’s wedding is the perfect example of this.

It was a tricky day weather wise. There was rain. Harsh sun. Some gusty winds. There was also an abundance of personality and a heck of a lot of love for Lynsey and Christian. HOLY MOLY it was an amazing day!

I’m going to go through quickly with a few special shout outs for people who helped make it all happen. Hair stylist extraordinaire Amelia Garwood and cake maker Sweet Commissions cake vogue. Lynsey’s gown was from Alice Temperley. I can’t stress enough how well it suited her, and it was topped off by a pair of Rachel Simpson shoes and jewellery from Monica Vinader. Christian’s made to measure suit was from the good people at Suit Supply. As a side note I have to say that a well made suit goes a LONG way. Not that Christian needed it 😉 but it’s quite incredible the difference it makes to the photos.

And then to finish off the list, floristry was from Teena at Elms Barn. And a huge thank you to the staff at Elms Barn in general. They REALLY looked after me and helped make my life a little bit easier. I’d love to come back soon!

And last but not least a huge thank you to Christian and Lynsey for having me along to photograph your wedding. I’m always humbled to be invited to a wedding. To spend one of the most important days of someone’s life with them when others might not have been able to make it is really amazing to me. I hope you go on to enjoy these photos in 10, 20, 30 m 40, 50+ years to come 🙂 And you’re reminded of what an incredible day it was.

Here are a few of my favourites.

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