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Diana & Phillip | Lavender Field | Engagement Shoot


When Diana and Phillip emailed me to say they were heading over to Europe from NYC and they wanted an engagement shoot in a Lavender field I started researching! I found a great little spot just outside of London with a lot of potential. I know London locations quite well but after a little research and making plans I picked them up from a train station on a cold, grey, drizzly August day. We headed to the lavender field for the engagement shoot with lots of enthusiasm and ideas despite the less than ideal weather conditions.

I think it was my first couple who were visiting from the USA. This was good news as I love going away to the USA (as often as I can!) I got to pick their brains about good restaurants in New York whilst wondering through the fields of England.

If you’re interested then I shot a fair amount of this shoot with my new camera the A7R2 which I reviewed here. Whilst we didn’t quite get the weather we were hoping for the conditions were really well suited for some beautiful black and white portraits. Some of which are my favourite from the shoot. They are planning a Lavender themed wedding back in the USA, hence the location.


lavender field engagement shoot lavender-field-engagement-shoot-003 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-004 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-005
lavender-field-engagement-shoot-007 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-008 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-009 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-010 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-011lavender-field-engagement-shoot-006 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-012 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-013 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-014 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-015 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-016 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-017 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-018 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-020 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-021 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-022 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-023 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-024
lavender-field-engagement-shoot-026 lavender-field-engagement-shoot-028

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