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Cotswolds Proposal Photographer

Cotswolds Proposal Photographer

So this was the first time being a Cotswolds Proposal Photographer. I’ve been asked many times before but it has never really worked out due to me being booked up with weddings! Or, they’ve been very short notice and so I had a pile of editing. But when one of my favourite Cotswold wedding venues was mentioned I just couldn’t say no to this opportunity. It’s an absolutely stunning venue and with some epic backdrops that I knew would make for some stunning photographs.

I’ll be honest and tell you that it’s been some time since I’ve been nervous about photographing anything. Yes weddings are high pressure but I’ve been in so many tricky situations now that I’ve been pretty confident of being able to cope in any situation. No matter how little light, or how discreet I need to be I can do it. But the different thing about this proposal was that I really didn’t want to give the game away. Obviously if the ‘potential bride’ saw a photographer it would really raise suspicion and that was really the worst case scenario. So, I waited before a bush in the gardens, saw them arrive, and walk down the steps towards the location. Then I snuck out from my hiding place and got in position above the little lake. I actually lay flat on my stomach, head down and got my camera ready. I also got my iPhone out so I could capture the whole thing on video.

The Cotswolds is a great location for a proposal if you’re after somewhere discrete and pretty. After the proposal we took a few photographs and then they had a picnic in the grounds of Euridge Manor.

Massive thanks for them both for being good sports – and for saying yes! It’s not a proposal I’ll ever forget and I’ve really fond memories of our shoot.

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