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Rachel & Shell | Iceland | Elopement

Iceland Elopement photos

Iceland Elopement Wedding Photography

Firstly, this was a wedding full of firsts for me! My first trip to Iceland and my first Iceland elopement. My first time being the only other person at a wedding. I have attended a handful of wonderful elopements and been a witness. But being the only other person present made me feel a little bit special.

The day couldn’t have been less traditional and more beautiful. With thick mysterious fog for most of the afternoon we managed to catch a few rays in the evening. With the elopement being LGBT we naturally drew a little bit more attention from curious tourists. Rachel and Shell did amazingly well and took it in their stride. It can be daunting to have a camera pointed at you at any time. But everyone we passed whipped out their phone for a cheeky snap. At one point we were pursued by a drone along a beach!

My aim was to try and tell the story of the day. This is what I normally aim to do with my wedding photographs. But, my efforts were somewhat sidelined as the Iceland elopement quickly became the mother of all couple shoots. That was fine for me, and part of the reason I was there. Iceland is probably the perfect location for images of tiny people in epic landscapes. In fact it has a bit of a reputation amongst the wedding photography community. There really is so much choice you could spend weeks there exploring and waiting for good light.

Iceland Shoot Locations

Shell and Rachel planned a lot of the locations which were on the southern coast of Iceland. The highlights include exploring the black volcanic beaches near Vik, the Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls. As well as wide areas of the countryside. Dirt roads, flat plains with huge hills in the distance. I have no idea where they were, but they were beautiful.

Iceland was similar to the image of it I had in my mind. Similar in some respects but the scale blew my mind. Similar to a New Zealand in the northern hemisphere but with a blue lagoon! I struggle to put in to words how diverse and magical some areas are. It really is worth a visit.

I have been quick to update my destination wedding photographer page, so head over for some larger images as well as other locations I have been to.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this!! They both had beautiful dresses with different personality. Beautiful landscape, of course but I love your view of the land!

  2. We love our pictures! It was a perfect but unconventional wedding day and Albert’s pictures told the story perfectly. On the day of the wedding we all travelled in the motorhome we had hired and went to places we hadn’t been before, made stops in some random places and just went with it! As travel is a huge part of our life it made complete sense and these pictures reflect our sense of adventure and the story of our wedding which Albert captured.

  3. Let me just pick my jaw up off the floor, Albert. WHOA!!! These are absolutely amazing elopement photographs in Iceland! Rachel and Shell look so unbelievable happy and beautiful, too. Congrats to them and EXCELLENT job on this incredible wedding in Iceland!

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  5. Holy cow, what a dream to get married in Iceland! You captured the essence and the beauty of the couple and the surroundings so perfectly! Sounds like it was a beautiful elopement!

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