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Best Wedding Photography of 2016

Best Wedding Photography 2016

Best Wedding Photography of 2016

2015 was a pretty great year for me. I remember looking forward to 2016 at this time last year and wondering what would be in store.

Well, 2016 has been a banger! Here is my Best Wedding Photography of 2016 collection.

I’m going to try really hard not to waffle here. But a huge thank you to all my couples who took time to vote for me. I was lucky enough to win the best wedding photographer in the South West TWIA award. I tend not to take awards too seriously, but if you’re going to win one – this is it. The great thing about this award is that it is partly judged on feedback from our couples. So, I didn’t win only on the strength of my work – but also because of the ‘experience.’

Thank you!

This blog post might start to sound a bit like a grooms speech (minus me thanking my parents!)

But I’d also like to really really thank everyone who had me along to their wedding. The significance of the day is always at the front of my mind and doing my bit to capture all of those memories is a real privilege. Whether it’s the bridesmaids quickly downing champagne before they leave for the ceremony or mums and dads doing the limbo, 2016 had given me so many great memories.

It was also the year that really kicked off for me as a destination wedding photographer. With trips to Lebanon, Mexico, Iceland, Norway, France and Italy. I also had a mega wedding in Scotland but I’m not sure it counts even though it took longer to get there than Beirut!

And that’s it… waffle over. I’ve tried really hard not to feature too many confetti shots in my best wedding photographs 2016 collection… but I do love them!

Have a great christmas everyone, and the happiest of new years!

Best Wedding Photography 2016 bride high five sparklers at weddings bride getting out of car bride and groom night time shot at roman baths in steam wedding night shot in the rain lulworth castle emotional father of the bride bride kissing the groom on nose bride giving a speech at wedding larmer tree gardens at night bride and mother walking down the aisle sunset wedding photographs at combe lodge father seeing bride for the first time

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  1. So happy with our wedding photos from you Albert, best decision we made. Thank you again and well done.

  2. Excellent set of images from 2016, you had a fab year and it’s so good to see your highlights. Can’t wait to see what you are up to in 2017!

  3. Oh my.. this is stunning. Really so many great images. I can see how you would be super proud and having a fantastic time while at it. Seriously great job! Can’t wait to see 2017

  4. There is such a fantastic polish to your work Albert that makes me feel a little bit stabby – but you are a lovely bloke so I’ll say very well done dude instead 😀 Brilliant, joy filled frames that are a real pleasure to look at. Bravo!

  5. Oh Bert. Wow. This is stonking. What a set. I’ll be honest, I don’t usually bother looking at every frame of everyone’s best ofs, but I certainly did with yours. Fantastic.

  6. Timeless, joyful, elegant and all with a dash of cheeky humour. What a year. Huge congratulations on the TWIA win and here’s to an outstanding 2017!

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