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Victoria & Nick | Selwyn College | Wedding

Selwyn College Wedding Photographer

Selwyn College Wedding Photographer

Being Victoria and NIck’s Selwyn College wedding photographer for the day was a total pleasure. I was instantly made to feel at home with offers of food. When I look back at the images now I do get a little choked up. It was such a happy day!

Every bride looks incredible in their wedding dress. Fact. But Victoria’s could simply not have been a more perfect match. I was not in the least bit surprised her dress designer Suzanne Neville asked for a few of the photos add to her website. In fact, shamefully, she beat me to it and I’m the second out of the two of us to feature these images.

The Story

Nick and Victoria first met at Selwyn College. So they came full circle back to where it all began to get married along with plenty of friends and family.

I can’t think of a less interesting thing to talk about than the weather, but… it actually snowed (or hailed) on their wedding day. In June! Luckily everyone was in the warm eating when it happened but it was pretty amusing and I got a caught a few great reactions.

My favourite story from the day was when the wedding band had a few technical difficulties setting up. Technical hitches happen from time to time. Fortunately their good friend Dimitry was on hand to get the party started. He turned up the volume and his DJ skills spoke for themselves. Is it too much of an understatement to say that he saved the day? Any how, it was a great start to the evening and everyone started dancing to some pretty mad tunes.

Thank you SO SO SO much for having me along and trusting me to capture the best bits from your day. There certainly were plenty of them!

selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-001 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-002 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-003 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-004 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-005 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-006 bride at Selwyn College Selwyn College Wedding Photographer Selwyn College Wedding selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-010 Selwyn College chapel selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-012 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-013 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-014 Selwyn College Wedding Photos selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-016 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-017 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-018 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-019 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-020 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-021 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-022 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-023 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-024 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-025 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-026 Selwyn College Wedding Photographer selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-028 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-029 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-030 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-031 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-032 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-033 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-034 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-035 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-036 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-037 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-038 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-039 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-040 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-041 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-042 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-043 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-044 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-045 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-046 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-047 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-048 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-049 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-050 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-051 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-052 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-053 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-054 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-055 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-056 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-057 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-058 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-059 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-060 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-061 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-062 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-063 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-064 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-065 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-066 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-067 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-068 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-069 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-070 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-071 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-072 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-073 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-074 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-075 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-076 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-077 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-078 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-079 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-080 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-081 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-082 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-083 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-084 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-085 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-086 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-087 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-088 selwyn-college-wedding-photographer-089


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  1. Everything about this is beautiful! The people, the church, the details, the photos – all of it! Well done:)

  2. The venues are unbelievably gorgeous. What a beautiful couple! I’ve enjoyed following your work, Albert and you just keep killing it!

  3. Such a romantic story, and every location for their wedding day was gorgeous! Beautiful wedding and beautiful job photographing it.

  4. Wow, what a stunning wedding! I absolutely love the architecture of Selwyn college, and it makes such a fairytale backdrop for this wedding. I also love the elegant simplicity of her gown- she reminds me of Grace Kelly!

  5. Great job Albert! I love the way you tell the story of their day and with so much emotion. Looking forward to see all the new gigs from 2017 as well! Keep up the fab work mate!

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