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Carolyn & Allie | Carradine Barns | Wedding

Curradine Barns wedding photographer

Curradine Barns Wedding Photographer

I was lucky enough to be Carolyn and Allie’s Curradine Barns wedding photographer a few weeks ago. It was great to return to this beautiful venue again for a second time. I have photographed one other Curradine Barns wedding and so know the venue pretty well now. Carolyn and Allie flew in from the USA for their wedding and with just 20 guests it was one of the most intimate weddings I have photographed. They decided to return to the UK to get married because Carolyn grew up here.

Allie’s wore a green dress made by Maggie Evans Designs and it goes down as one of the most unique I have seen. It was a first for me but being Filipino she easily pulled it off. Her shoes are from DSW and Carolyn’s suit and shoes are from Men’s Warehouse. They had guitarist Stuart Toogood from Occasional guitars play during the ceremony and also through the afternoon. He’s a particularly talented chap and well worth a look if you’re searching for acoustic wedding music.

The beautiful flowers were arranged by Jane Edmonds and seeing as Allie is a botanist it was pretty important that they looked amazing! Their wedding was pretty unconventional and non traditional as both Allie and Carolyn got ready together. I think this was one of my favourite moments from the day because it was so relaxed and aI got to know them both a little better before the ceremony.

I loved how enthusiastic they both were for couple photos. When I asked them to walk through a dirty field they just went for it! We also caught a few couple photos in the evening and a few right after the wedding ceremony.

Thank you both so much for having me along as your wedding photographer. I hope the photos bring it all back for decades to come! And you have as much love and happiness as I saw on your wedding day.

Carradine Barns Wedding Photographer curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-004 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-005 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-006 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-007 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-008 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-009 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-010 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-011 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-012 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-013 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-014 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-015 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-016 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-017 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-018 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-019 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-020 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-021 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-022 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-023 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-024 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-025 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-026 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-027 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-028 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-029 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-030 Carradine Barns Wedding Photographer curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-032 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-033 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-034 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-035 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-036 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-037 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-038 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-039 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-040 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-041 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-042 Carradine Barns Wedding Photographer Carradine Barns Wedding Photographer curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-045 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-046 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-047 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-048 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-049 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-050 curradine-barns-wedding-photographer-051


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  1. Oh man, the emotions you managed to capture at this wedding is just wonderful. I absolutely love everything about this wonderful collection. I am certain they will look back on these with nothing but pure joy!

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  3. Holy moly- you’ve captured such incredibly tender moments, and I feel like I was there witnesses this beautiful couples wedding. I love this bride’s green dress- especially as the couple dresses each other for the wedding. Stunning work, Albert!

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