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Rosie & Ella | Curradine Barns | Wedding


My first time at a Curradine Barns wedding, I had been looking forward to Rosie and Ella’s wedding for a long long time. If you like rainbows, pizza and magic then this was the wedding of the year! Two of the funnest women and with three men of honour who delivered a speech of epic hilarity. It was so good I still remember some of the best lines in my head!

Curradine Barns was a great location for the wedding and the weather really helped us out and gave us some beautiful options for photos. It’s taken me a little while to blog their wedding photos but it’s been worth the wait. I can’t wait to update my portfolio with a few of them for next year.

You’ll see a few photos of the beautiful wedding stationery by de Winton Paper Co and the beautiful blooms are from Rozi’s posies. Ella’s outfit was hand made by Weaver’s tailors in Kolkata whilst Rosie’s dress was from non other than Jenny Packham. One of my favourite things about their wedding was the music. With their friends (and Ella) performing throughout the day it really was rather special. Their’s nothing like live music, especially when it sounds as good as they did. I also loved their flower garlands which they exchanged during the wedding. It’s little personal touches like this that I love to photograph.

To wrap up, it is ALWAYS a treat to see Darren Campbell Magic perform. I’ve seen him a few times this year (yay!) and the dude always brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Thank you so much for having me to your wedding Rosie and Ella. For making me feel so welcome. It really was a joy to be there and I hope these photos bring back all the happiness for years and years to come.

Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-001 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-004Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-002 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-003 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-005Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-017 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-008 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-009 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-010 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-011 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-012 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-013 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-014 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-015 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-016 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-018 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-019 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-020 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-021 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-022 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-023 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-024 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-025 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-026 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-027 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-028 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-029 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-030 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-031 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-032 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-033 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-034 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-035 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-036 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-037 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-038 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-039 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-040 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-041 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-042 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-043 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-044 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-045 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-046 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-047 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-048 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-050 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-051 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-052 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-054 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-055 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-056 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-057 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-058 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-059 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-060 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-061 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-062 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-063 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-064 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-065 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-066 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-067 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-068 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-069 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-070 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-071 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-072 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-073 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-074 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-075 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-076 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-082 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-083 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-084 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-085 Curradine-Barns-wedding-photography-088


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  2. Amazing Albert, such a stunning venue but as always, it’s the emotion and the vibe that you always capture so well. This looked like so much fun to be a part of.

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