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May & Gentry | Peggy Porschen London | Engagement Shoot

peggy porschen engagement shoot

So here is part 2 of May and Gentry’s engagement shoot. You’ve probably seen their Paris engagement shoot (if you haven’t, do head over for a gander!) This time we met in London for a more casual shoot and I was happy to guide them around my favourite London photo locations. We started the engagement shoot at Peggy Porschen for tea and cake. It was a great place to start and grab a sugar fix before heading off and exploring the rest of London. It was actually my first time at Peggy Porschen and it’s such a colourful place I think I’ll be returning in the future! It makes a great backdrop. We Headed to St Paul’s Cathedral, a London University and of course the South Bank for a few photographs by the iconic Big Ben. We finished off at Tower Bridge for a few night time engagement shots which was a first for me.

The weather was pretty cloudy, but as always London provided a colourful, vibrant backdrop to the shoot. Not just the shops but the autumnal trees, lights and people! Half way through the shoot we took a supper stop and I was taken by May and Gentry to one of their favourite restaurants for some amazing Chinese food. I’m a bit of a food-fan and this hit all the right spots!

Thanks once again for letting me take your photos – have an amazing wedding day back in KL!

peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-002 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-004 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-005 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-006 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-007 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-008 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-009 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-010 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-013 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-014 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-015 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-016 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-017 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-018 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-019 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-020 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-021 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-022 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-023 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-024 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-025 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-026 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-027 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-028 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-029 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-030 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-031 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-032 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-033 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-034 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-035 peggy-porschen-engagement-shoot-036

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  1. Love the sweet colorful tea and cake spot, and all the gorgeous city scenery you captured.

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