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Wedding Photography: How To Make People Feel At Ease

bride and groom walking and talking outside the castle

I know it’s easily said that you should work your client to get the best out of them. Serious shots are nice, but grabbing emotion is what weddings are all about. Saying ‘smile’ doesn’t work and just sounds lame. Encouraging people to play, have fun, be silly is okay for models but not so much for the average bride. This can be particularly challenging with just one person, with two they can play off each other.

Anyway, here a few things to do or say to lighten the atmosphere and make them feel comfortable.

• Talk to them, ask her how she met the groom, plans for the honeymoon.

• Ask her what nicknames she has for the groom that no one else knows.

• Tell them a really bad joke. This works well if you build it up to be the best joke ever… they always crack up over it.

• Try grabbing a small kid from nearby and asking him/her to press the shutter – this normally gets some genuine smiles.

• Compliment them and tell them they look good – don’t forget to show them the best ones on the LCD.

• Encourage them to move around – they don’t have to be stiffs! This can lead to them doing stupid poses which is always good.

• Say – “now the bride and groom kiss and every laugh” *click* then, “now the bride and groom laugh and everyone else kiss!” *click*

• “Okay, look like you like each other.” *click*

• “Okay, now bite his ear!” *click*

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