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Year 5

It only seems like 6 months ago since I wrote about my fourth year. But here we are again. 1st March. The day I quit the day job back in 2009, and made the brave step of taking photography full time. As you may have noticed my website, (the shop front) is currently being made a little bit cooler, sleeker and sexier. It has been at least 2 years since I last designed the site (all by myself!) Whilst I’m not planning on making many significant changes I am most definitely looking forward to completing the virtual facelift.

In the meantime, apologies if you stumble on to areas in need of prettifying.

At the moment I’m concentrating on the main pages, so until they are finished you may notice a few unsightly backdoors that let the side down. More specifically the blog! As the archive goes back 5 years it will take many late nights, research, trial and code errors before it’s ready. I really want to make the images larger. Bigger almost always means better when it comes to photos. When I look through the old blog I can’t help but feel the images are let down by their size. I’m also hoping the cool new website will be a lot easier and nicer to read on tablets and phones. Amazingly close to 50% of my website traffic comes from iPhones and iPads. Whilst I guess it’s not really a huge surprise I really hope the new design will make the experience far nicer.

cool wedding photography websites


Whilst I’ve been to a few weddings in 2015 already (yay!) I’m really really looking forward to getting in to the summer of love. I’ve had a really nice long break, and whilst I haven’t been away this year (yet!) I’ve been recharging my batteries and feeling my creativity levels rising. I’m going to some amazing places this year and meeting amazing people and sharing in the most amazing day. That feeling never, ever gets old.

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  1. Yeyyy! Happy 5 Years!!
    The site will totally Rock because you’re awesome! We’re still looking at our photos in awe!
    Here’s to many more adventures and amazing capturing! x

  2. Happy 5 years!!!! We also started out in 2009, seemingly a good year to make changes. Even tho I worked as a photographer / retoucher at my daytime job for as long as Dec 2012 before I quit. Here’s to one wicked awesome 2015, yeeeehaaaaaa!

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