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Running for Charity

This post is a bit of a non photography related post, but I’ll be driving from Bristol up to London to compete in this 2010 Asics British 10K London Run.

When I say ‘compete,’ I mean ‘keep up with my girlfriend,’ who has been putting in a lot more miles than me in preparation I’m sad to say.

That said we are both running to raise money for the charity ‘Sane’ which, if you don’t know helps people meet the challenge of mental illness. “There are many misconceptions about mental illness, often fuelled by the images that we see on television and the ‘scare stories’ that we read in the media. One in four of us will be affected by mental illness at some point in our lives. These conditions can leave people confused and isolated and this in turn can lead to profound feelings of despair and even thoughts of suicide.” We both know people who have sadly been affected by mental illness and know from first hand experience the good work the people at Sane do.

I’ve been raising money for a while and am happy to say I have reached my target. But if your feeling generous, or would just like to do a nice thing I’d really appreciate a donation to push me even further.

Thank you.

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