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Best Wedding Photography Of 2021

Best Wedding Photography Of 2021


It’s a wrap! Here’s my ‘best wedding photography of 2021. I thought 2021 was an amazing year all in all – weddings started again and I was able to get back to doing what I love.

A massive thank you to all the amazing couples who had me along. I had a blast at each one – all unique and lovely in their own way.

In addition my wife and I had another baby who we called Florence. So for that reason too 2021 was a pretty amazing year with a lot to be thankful for.

Although I didn’t manage to go abroad for any destination weddings I’ve plenty to look forward to in 2022. As well as a few short holidays I personally can’t wait to get back on a plane! Whilst destination weddings weren’t on my 2021 agenda I did have two weddings on the Isle of Wight. Having never been there I got to shoot 2 within 5 months of each other! A massive shout out to you guys – it was a highlight of my year for sure.

As always I invested in some new camera toys and learned a few new tricks. I picked up a 50mm GM and bought some LED lights for those darker winter weddings. Trying to improve a little each year in some way is all part of the fun because you never stop learning.

I said it last year, but if the pandemic has taught us anything it’s to enjoy time with family and friends to the max. One thing that resonated with me from Pete and Tash’s wedding is that it doesn’t matter where you are, it matters who you are with.

Here’s to an amazing 2022 – wishing everyone health and happiness. I can’t wait to get started.

Lastly, for the FOURTH time I won The Best Wedding Photographer in the South West. I will write a little more about this but TWIA is the only wedding industry award that takes in to account feedback from couples.

I edited and delivered around 60,000 images in 2021. Below are a few of the highlights – enjoy!

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  1. My favorite pic hands down….baby tipping champagne glass into her sweet little mouth😂❤️

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