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Rachel & David | Bath Pump Rooms | Wedding

roman baths wedding photographer

Roman Baths Wedding Photographer

These are Rachel and David’s pump room wedding photos. I quite often get asked for examples of my work where it’s been dark. Winter weddings. Evening weddings. Rainy weddings. And it’s true, not all of the weddings I go to have fields of green grass, summery confetti photos and beautiful sunsets 🙂

Well, whilst Rachel and David’s wedding at the Bath Pump Rooms wasn’t strictly a winter wedding. But, photographically the conditions were very challenging. In fact incredibly challenging! The thing with photos, is that you need light to take them. And it’s not always possible to set up lighting, especially during a ceremony. I met Rachel and David a few days before their wedding, as they jetted over from Australia to celebrate with their friends and family. Mission statement: quirky and romantic photos! Well I think we achieved this with gusto! The Bath Pump Rooms is a pretty incredible venue. In fact it’s magical and I’ve been lucky enough to visit it a few times now as a Roman Baths wedding photographer.

The above photo gets quite a lot of attention and it’s actually won a few awards. Rachel and David wanted a few photographs outside near the Abbey, the staff had recommended that it looked pretty at night. When we arrived it was completely dark, and it was raining! So I suggested a quick shot with the cool red Jaguar in the rain. At the time I thought it would be a good shot but it really surpassed my expectations.

The good Mrs Palmer and I even considered the Roman Baths for our own wedding last year. Certainly it provides an incredible atmosphere for morning and evening weddings. With the steam rising from the water, and the quietness. It’s pretty incredible. Anyway, here are a few of my favourite photographs from this short, but very sweet wedding.

roman baths wedding photographer bride walking down the aisle at roman baths wedding bride laughing at roman baths wedding documentary wedding photo of bride and groom at roman baths wedding roman baths wedding photographer roman baths wedding photography


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  1. Love the series of vow shots, Bert. And the image that I find particularly striking is the thrid shot from top, of the guitarist – simply striking.

  2. You smashed this one out of the park Albert it’s absolutely without question one of my favourites of yours. Beautiful work. I’d love to shoot this venue too it looks amazing. Top work chief.

  3. If you can make wedding photography look good in conditions like that then you’ve got some serious skills. Totally nailed it and can’t imagine many could do that good with heavy rain! Kudos!

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