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Wedding Photography Portrait Tip

bristol couple kissing in a field

Being a photographer is all about being creative. That said there are many ‘must have shots’ you need to take on the wedding day. One of the photos a groom will like the most is a head and shoulders shot of the bride. This is the photograph that he will put on his desk at work or in his wallet.

It’s best if you can photograph her veiled and unveiled. While you need to get close to her and get an intimate shot you might also want to try different kinds of light. Both soft light for a more dreamy look but also harsh light more contrasty punchy photographs. It’s quite unnatural to be photographed so make sure you show her the back of your camera so she knows how good she looks!

As I’ve previously mentioned talk to the bride too – tell her how good she looks, and make sure she likes what she is doing. This will make her look (and feel) more relaxed and natural.


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