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Cat & Matt | North Cadbury Court | Wedding

north cadbury court wedding photos

Spring wedding North Cadbury Court

I have been impatiently waiting for Cat and Matt’s spring wedding North Cadbury Court for some time now. Stomping feet and checking the calendar. I knew little about North Cadbury Court but I can tell you now it is in my list of favourites. A golf course on the roof. A silent disco in the basement. Bags of charm everywhere. It was a wedding photographers dream and such a great place to hang out on a wedding day. It’s in an unsuspecting village in Somerset so I was a happily surprised when visiting it for the first time.

Cat’s gown was from Stephanie Allen Couture and her shoes from Manolo Blank. They set the tone for the glamour to come and pretty much everything about their wedding styling. The main location for all events was North Cadbury Court in Somerset. A dizzyingly beautiful dream of a home in sunny Dorset. In the morning everyone got ready before we headed to the ceremony in the main hall.

During the ceremony they had readings from close friends and also made their own personal vows. In the meanwhile wedding planner Gemma and her team from Sincerely Yours worked her magic and made sure everything ran on time. Somehow my UK weather luck struck again, and the skies opened just before the newlyweds and guests went outside to celebrate against the beautiful backdrop.

We then headed inside for afternoon tea provided by local caterers Sausage and Pear – then ice cream and speeches in the beautifully decorated house. We managed to dodge a few showers before moving outside briefly for a few photos in the sun. Once the evening guests arrived my favourite band The Indie Killers played the night away in their usual high spirited way. I wish we could do it all over again…

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  1. Dude what a wedding!! Love the Bride + Groom’s style – golf in the morning, awesome cuff links, silent disco…! Looked like a lot of fun man, not surprised you were counting down the days ?

  2. WOW!!!!! where do I begin Albert you were truly amazing on our wedding day. And have captured are day just as I remember it. Albert was highly recommended by our friends that had Albert as there photographer on their wedding day. As soon as I saw his work I fell in love. Albert is a talented guy that captures truly amazing natural shots. His pictures simply tell the story of the day. I would highly recommend him to anyone a true genius. Albert not only was a photographer but was a great help in giving us some of his best suppliers. If it wasn’t for this we would not of known about The Indie Killers (our band at the wedding). Nothing was ever too much for Albert and he really helped us a lot.

    A huge big thank you from the Brays x

  3. hi Albert;
    received my book today of Catherine and Matts wedding i love it, its like my very own story book and i love the front cover thank you for choosing it for me. I will always treasure this photo book what a brilliant idea. thank you again love from Catherines mum.

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