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Best Wedding Photography 2017

Best Wedding Photography 2017

So here is my best wedding photography 2017. I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all the amazing couples that hired me in 2017. I felt really privileged to attend so many amazing weddings and I can’t believe the year is over already!

I’ve one wedding left to shoot this year. Even now I know a couple of those images will make it in to my Best Wedding Photography 2017 collection. Mainly because it’s at one of my favourite venues.

I went to so many destination weddings this year and quite a few pre wedding shoots abroad. 3 trips to Paris, 3 to Florence, Santorini, 3 amazing weddings in Italy and 2 amazing weddings in France. With another 3 amazing weddings in Italy, a beauty in the USA and a visit to Iceland. In terms of travel it’ll be a tough year to beat!

The Moments

I want to thank Beth and Tom for jumping in to a swimming pool, Tom and Jessica for being brave enough to to take photos in a field of cows (and chased out!), Carina and Suyuan for walking in the sea with a tuxedo and ball gown! Edwin and Xiao Ying who took me to the most beautiful part of Italy (Cinque Terre), Regine and Chris for freezing their socks off and posing with wild horses in Iceland. Lucy and Shaun for having the best dance floor, Jade and Will for bringing the fun, Jane and James for that amazing Oyster bar (I had about 20), Lauren and Tim for the confetti canons, Graham (and Holly) for making himself cry during the speeches.

I want also thank Lauren and Tony for getting in an Uber with the worst driver ever on a mission to take a photo in front of the St Louis Gateway Arch! Harriet, Chris, Alex and Katy for having such fun wedding days and great fun to hang out with.

I really could go on and on and on. Each wedding is unique and fun to photograph. It’s no wonder I started along this road 8 years ago and am still being blown away.

Check out the video above and a smaller collection of my favourite wedding photos from 2017 below.

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  1. Wonderful work Bert! I love the pigeons in Paris BUT its all about the upside down bridesmaid on the white bouncy castle………..AWESOME!!!

  2. Oh my gosh Al you’ve had a busy year haven’t you! What an abundance of locations/different types of light to shoot under! The moment game was STRONG in the slideshow amongst everything else, of course. Thoroughly enjoyed every frame xx

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