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Lightroom 3 Beta Release

So Adobe have announced the third version of Lightroom, even if it is beta this shows some of the new features. What am I most looking forward to?

Well the watermarking will mean that I no longer have to export to Photoshop which will be a big time saver.
Being able to publish to flickr is really nice. Probably not that much of an importance for the business but its nice to have this feature integrated. I guess Facebook will be next…

Exporting a video slideshow will also be nice. I do hope that they integrate some nice new transitions. I like Ken Burns don’t get me wrong, but some funky features like that have in iMovie would be well received.

The printing module looks excellent, hopefully this will save me a lot of time when it comes to making albums in the future.

All in all it looks like a nice update, especially if the speed is improved on. Especially when it comes to rendering the photos for input and output as this is a big bottleneck in my workflow. Unfortunately this could well be due to my ageing Macbook Pro, but I’m currently in denial!

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