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Wedding Photography – The Importance Of The Venue


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I was recently asked to photograph a wedding in the Bristol Oncology Hospital at the last minute. The wedding was scheduled to take place in June 2010 and I was deeply honoured that the couple had asked me to come along and photograph their ceremony.

I took a call on Monday night to photograph the wedding on Tuesday night and I was free. I was due to set off on holiday the next day for two weeks so I charged my batteries and made sure all my memory cards were clear. It was a beautiful occasion and I really captured the emotion of the evening. I guess the reason I thought this warranted a blog post was because the event really was set apart by the venue. As plans were set in place literally on the day the ceremony took place in a waiting room in the hospital rather than the country grounds of a beautiful country house.

The spontaneity of the event really set this wedding apart in my mind and whilst the venue may not have been quite so grand the importance and emotion of the event was there every minute.

This kind of got me thinking about how important the wedding venue is for the photography. I always thought that the photographers who charge more, got better images (IN PART) because their clients could afford nicer venues. Thus things look a bit nicer in general as you have more opportunities. Whilst there is no doubt in my mind that a nice/expensive venue is preferable there is no reason why you can’t work creatively to use what you have to your advantage as I found out.

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