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How To Be A Wedding Photographer

photograph of bristol bride using window light

The internet is scattered with places where you can read how to be creative and take eye catching photographs. Personally I listen to a number of podcasts which give technical advice and also advise on technique. But no amount of reading or listening is a substitute for real life experience. If you’re thinking of getting started in the business I recommend you make connections with professional photographers and ask whether you can assist them, or even just come along and observe what they do. When I moved to Bristol I was second shooting for a number of different photographers and it was a great way of learning what it took to make it. You will get many rejections but keep pestering them because this is the BEST way to learn.

Simply ask if you can carry their heavy gear bag and pass them lenses as they need them. Of course you need to be observant and note what goes on in the wedding and how the photographer reacts. This sort of experience is great before you do a wedding of your own. Don’t expect to be paid for you time – instead consider it as the cheapest education you will get! The more experience you get the more you will be able to participate and help other photographers and perhaps become a second shooter. This might be a good point to evaluate whether you are good at being a wedding photographer and whether it is something you want to continue to do.

Once you have learnt all you can, try and find someone better and move on, trying to learn as much as you can from different people. Inevitably a time will come when you will be given the opportunity to shoot your very first wedding. This will be a big moment and the impact of being a wedding photographer will hit you.
There are many wedding photography associations and gatherings. Consider joining them because despite the joining fee you can meet with your fellow businessmen/women, network and gain a lot of education from the experience.

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  1. That’s a good advice Albert!
    I would also recommend to try and get experience on shooting events or other stuff for newspapers as this is as close to wedding photography you can get – quite stressful and you just not allowed to miss the shot!

    And be careful when choosing those wedding associations.. Some of them are good, but some are just taking money off your account and that’s it..

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