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Find A Different Perspective At A Wedding

children at the wedding enjoying the summer weather

One wedding photographer whose work I admire is Becker. One technique he consistently uses is to capture the scene from a different perspective. Shooting at eye level works well for a variety of scenes at a wedding but shooting from a low or high position adds a certain dynamic to the shot. Using a different perspective adds a nice change of pace but another important reason is that it tends to simplify the background. One tip is to bring a stepladder with you, this can be really handy especially for group shots where people at the back can be blocked out. The other tip is to sit down on the floor, or at least crouch down. Finding a different perspective can really help make your images more interested and unique.

I received my Canon 5DMKII back from repairs today! I shot the above image with a 30D, and whilst it is a nice image it doesn’t have the detail that a 21MP sensor gives you.


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